The Italian-Tanned Leather Consortium was founded in 1994 by a small group of tanners of Tuscany.

The Italian-Tanned Leather Consortium was founded in 1994 by a small group of tanners of Tuscany. The initiative soon met a great approval, and in a short time, the Consortium sees a considerable increase of associates number. Today there are 23 tanneries belonging to this Consortiums, all of them operate in the Tuscan tanning district . This part of Tuscany, between the provinces of Florence and Pisa, in fact, it's the only district that products the highest quality of tanned leather in Italy. This very ancient tanning method, today as it was once, uses only uses only wood extracts for his tanning process.Technology, tradition and master craftsmanship are essential to transfor a material that needs time. It's always used all-natural leathers that fit perfectly to any type of production. A niche market for producers and consumers who look for, not only high quality materials, but also a style that customize its self over time. The purpose of the Consortium is to promote this particular type of work, which has its roots in the Tuscan tradition. The Consortium applies to all possible interlocutors in leather spinneret, with activities and materials realized to satisfy every need: glossaries and guided tours inside the tannery for schools and fashion institutes, ad-hoc seminars for the distribution chain, researches, events and publications about emerging trends for fashion designers and producers, press-conferences for journalists, materials with guarantee of quality and originality for final consumers. Every season, the Consortium, presents in Italy and in the greater world capitals of fashion, trends and new tanneries collections. Prestigious venues like Guggenheim Museum in New York, Park Tower Hall in Tokyo, Centre Pompidou in Paris, Natural History Museum in London or Leopolda Station in Florence, have hosted these important events that, over time, have contributed to the prestige of "Made in Tuscany". Aware of the importance of tuscany tanned leather, all over the world, the Consortium created a new quality brand that ensures the originality of the product: tuscany Tanned Leather. The brand is promoted by a warranty certificate with a new graphic look, an anti-counterfeit systems and a consecutive numbering registered, that permit easily to recognize the belonging tannery and his manufacturer. The Consortium brand, may be used only by associated tanneries that respect the inner regulation and technical standards production settled by the same Consortium and can be licensed only to those customers who buy the leather from the associated tanneries.



The first aim, of Real Italian Tanned Leather Consortium, since its foundation, has been to create a quality certificate label that identifies the product but especially to garantee the leather quality of the associated tanneries. In 1998 the Consortium, as further support to the brand, has created the Warranty Certificate with the purpose of: Certficare the origin of the product Respect for the environment Ensure the naturalness of the leather Ensure high production standards during the tanning process


This certificate is under the property of "Tanned leather Consortium" and tanneries associated with it, that may grant its use to their clients only after signing a license agreement that allows them to apply the warranty label of Tanned Tuscany Leather to their finished products.


This is an informational card that certifies the originality and naturalness of tanned leather produced by Consortium tanneries. Each card is printed with anti-counterfeiting materials and carries a serial number that is easily recognizable and allows the consortium to identify tannery and manufacturer of the product, at any time and anywhere in the world. The card has only one size with multilingual text: Italian, English and Japanese.


This certificate will add value to your products, which guarantees quality to consumers and attests correct information : the raw materials used to produce tanned leather respect the environment and the whole production cycle follows behavioral standards that safeguard not only workers health but also workplace safety.